Different Types of Stone Flooring Options

By administrator On February 27th, 2009

Stone is an all-time favorite option along with wood. It has been used as a flooring option ever since man moved out from the caves and into man-made dwellings. There are many stone-flooring options available to us. Stone flooring can basically be divided into natural and faux flooring. Stone is available in a number of textures, these include –

Honed – This is not a very glossy finish and is used for places with high traffic. Honed tiles are usually used for porous stones. They have a dull appearance.

Polished – A polished texture is used more for low-traffic areas as the glossy finish is hard to maintain in places where there are too many footfalls. Also the polished surface can become slippery when it gets wet.

Flamed – A flamed surface is created when tiles are subjected to extreme heat. It is a unique surface that is porous and slip resistant.

Tumbled – A tumbled texture has a weathered look and feel to it. The stones are actually tumbled around to achieve a rough texture. This texture is common with marble and granite.

Sand blasted – Sand blasted stone tiles have a textured surface. Sandblasted tiles sometimes carry images and designs.

Here’s a look at popular stone flooring options –

Sandstone – Sandstone is available in a range of colors and finish options. It is a durable stone that is good for places with medium traffic. Sandstone can be used for flooring in large slabs or small tiles. Sandstone tiles should be resealed every four to five years.

Limestone – Limestone is a traditional stone flooring option and gives a real rustic feel to the house. However, it is not as durable as granite or sandstone. It can scratch easily. Limestone is cheaper than sandstone and granite.

Slate – Slate tiles offer a firm and a durable flooring option. It is a smooth stone and impervious to liquids. It is available in a wide range of natural colors.

Granite – This is the hardest stone available and can offer several textured finishes including matte and polished.

Marble – Marble is a hard, smooth, and cold stone. It is elegant and scratch resistant. It does not hold well in areas with heavy traffic and is also an expensive flooring option.

Flooring Material Options for the Kitchen

By administrator On February 25th, 2009

When choosing flooring material for your kitchen remodeling project there are certain things to keep in mind. Looks of course are important and an obvious factor but at the same time the hardness of the material also matters. A hard flooring material will not only cause noise when you walk, it will also be hard on the feet. And then there is cost to consider.

The kitchen attracts a lot of footfalls from almost all members of the house; therefore the flooring has to be durable. It should also be easy to maintain, spills and should be easy to remove.

Here are some popular flooring alternatives for your kitchens –

Wood – Wood is a classic flooring option and its texture is unique. It is sound-absorbent and easy on the legs. The wood type and finish influence the maintenance and ruggedness of the flooring. Wood is a relatively expensive flooring option and vulnerable to scratches and stains. Wood requires periodic sanding but its warmth on the feet, texture, and appeal makes it a classy flooring option. Hardwoods used for flooring include oak, pecan, and hickory.

Laminate – If you wish for the looks of wood but not for the accompanying maintenance, then you can go for laminate flooring. It mimics wood and at the same time is very durable and easy to maintain. Installing laminates is also easy; you can lay it over your existing flooring. Laminates do not work that great in moist climates. A good idea for those who wish for a DIY kitchen flooring project.

Ceramic tiles – Ceramic tiles come in several shapes and sizes giving homeowners a lot of choice for customizing the kitchen floor. Tiles are easy to clean but can be noisy. Also, the grout between tiles is not so easy to clean and can actually pose a health hazard. Ideally large tiles should be used to minimize the grouting. Tiles are cold on the feet and hard on the legs.
Vinyl – Vinyl flooring is the ultimate budget flooring option. It is inexpensive and easy to install and can mimic the look of other flooring types.

Cork and bamboo are environment friendly flooring options; no tree is destroyed in harvesting cork and bamboo. Cork has certain unique properties; it can remember its shape and is water resistant. Bamboo is more resilient to warping than other flooring options. If you wish to experiment you may even consider brick flooring or rubber flooring.

Basic Basement Remodel Considerations

By administrator On January 14th, 2009

If there is one area in your house that you can remodel to reflect your personality in the truest sense, it’s the basement; maybe even your garage. The basement can be maximum fun to remodel once you have an idea or a theme in mind. Whether a family man or a teen or a dad of a teen, the basement is your den where you can loll on the sofa and listen to your kind of music, read your kind of stuff without having to worry about the neighboring aunt blundering into your private space.

A basement remodel is affordable and gives you additional living space. The prime considerations here are ensuring that the area is dry and that there is no leakage. Dampness must be avoided and places from where moisture seeps in should be sealed, usually moisture creeps in from the floor or the crawl spaces.If the moisture problem is a minor one, a simple water-lock paint job can take care of it. If there is a gutter on the floor that empties into a drain then you can raise the flooring by adding a sub-flooring. Eliminating moisture is also important from the point of view of adding electrical wiring.

Do not neglect leaks in the foundation walls as these can spread and sap the strength of the walls – besides you never know when a leak may turn into a small flood. These are but some small challenges that you will face when trying to turn the basement into a space habitable for humans. You can do more with your basement if you live in parts of the USA where most homes have basements, this is because remodeling contractors in such places know all about converting basements into rooms of your choice, be they bedrooms, media rooms, dens, or just additional living space.

You may or may not wish to add walls – walls in the basement offer no structural value but are useful as space for adding racks and receptacles on to, they also help in temperature control. Walls also add to the aesthetic appeal of a basement. If you do not wish to add walls to your basement, you can opt for steel studs as these are moisture resistant and can be used for holding electrical wires.

Basements usually stay cool in summer because they are located below the ground and if your home furnace is located in the basement then winter chills are also taken care of. You can use electrical baseboard heaters to provide heat if you do not have a furnace arrangement.

Features of a Good Bathroom Remodel

By administrator On January 13th, 2009

A bathroom remodel or redesign has a lot more to it than just adding expensive fixtures. A bathroom remodel is often a very expensive proposition and therefore requires careful consideration. It’s expensive to remodel a bathroom because the bathroom is often not a very visible part of the house and therefore neglected for years. You can split the remodel into what you can do yourself and what needs to be given to the contractor. Changing a plumbing system or moving a load bearing wall can be expensive and need to be planned out in advance. A bathroom remodel these days often takes a bathroom from being a utilitarian space into being a place where you can relax and unwind in luxury.

If you keep in mind the following points when going in for a bathroom remodel you will certainly raise the profile of your bathroom and increase the resale value of your house. If your bathroom is a little cramped you should consider softer color schemes on the walls, remove shelves and accessories that appear to come in the way, install seamless glass doors that add to the illusion of space, structure lighting – both artificial and natural to give an impression of spaciousness.

The reason why a remodeled bathroom adds to the resale value of a house is because of the luxuries that it can contain. These include a bath tub, a fancy vanity, elegant bathroom mirrors, shower, etc. Use materials that are easy to clean and maintain because cleaning the bathroom is a chore that most people would rather avoid. Check out mold- and stain-resistant materials.

A good bathroom remodel need not be an expensive affair if you are handy with tools and have an idea of what you need to do. A good paint job can spruce up the bathroom nicely and its something that most of us can do. Install a mirror that goes with the look and decor of your bathroom and it will do a lot to improve the mood and also add to the illumination in the space. If adding a bathroom sink or vanity is too much of a chore then you may want to consider the addition of a faucet. There are many contemporary faucet designs and models available and you will surely find one that goes with your bathroom’s interior design. Select a faucet that does not require additional work on your countertop.

A little research online will also go a long way in helping you come up with a good bathroom remodel.

A Few Tips on Hiring a Professional Contractor

By administrator On September 17th, 2008

If you are looking for your home to be renovated or remodeled, then you need to know the best ways to choose a professional contractor.  No one wants a contractor coming into their home that has no experience or does not know what they are doing at all.  When you hire a professional contractor, you are looking for someone that is experienced in what they do, are reliable and responsible and someone that you can trust with your home.  After all, your home will be in their hands.

Many professional contractors can rip you off and no one wants this to happen.  Therefore, it’s important to really understand what is going on in the world of renovations and remodeling so that you can choose the correct professional contractor to work on your home. 

So, what are a few things you can do to ensure that you choose the right professional contractor?
First of all, you need to do a lot of research on all the contractors in the area.  Get a list together of all the contractors in the area and do extensive research on these contractors.  This includes experience, license, etc.  Some of the companies will allow you to have access to this information before hiring their company to work on your home.  This is a good choice in a company as they give you access to all the needed information to obtain the verification of the contractors.

The next thing to do would be to interview the contractors.  Before interviewing the contractors, be sure to have a list available of the things that your home needs.  This way, you can ensure that they know how to fix the problems you are looking to have fixed.  If they do not have the knowledge capacity of the job you need done, they are likely not the right professional.

Once you have this list down, collect proposals from all the contractors.  You don’t have to go with the cheapest bid if you don’t want to. This is something that is completely up to you as a decision.  You should then prepare a contract, unless the company does so, to give to the contractor before the start of the work.  This will ensure that you both have come to a complete agreement on payment terms, working terms, etc.  In this contract, state how much will be paid how often, how much work should be done by a specific date, and when the entire project should be complete.

These are a few steps and the most practical in choosing a professional contractor to renovate your home.  By following these steps, you will ensure that you choose a professional contractor that knows what they are doing in experience and knowledge and is an affordable price for your budget.


New Jersey Landscape Contractor

By administrator On August 5th, 2008

Many people in New York don’t like New Jersey for whatever reason, but that could be because everyone there is just jealous of the great landscape contractors they have! A New Jersey landscape contractor comes with all the tools needed to be the best at landscaping. They say a contractor is in charge of the materials and workforce, but in New Jersey, the contractor is the workforce! It would be like if you turned Chuck Norris into a landscaping contractor, and told him to landscape the hell out of New Jersey. Either way, the contractors in New Jersey are so great, that’s the only reason anyone even moves there. If you need a contractor, you still need to do research, but know that in New Jersey, your research is a lot more limited and a lot more kick ass.

Sewing Contractor That Helps Sew Your Materials

By administrator On July 28th, 2008

There are contractors for most everything you can think of, and one of the best examples of this is a sewing contractor! Now, even if you want to hire a contractor to help you sew material like curtains or cloth or anything else that you need help with, you can get a sewing contractor that helps sew your materials for a price. The contractor deals with the entire workforce, materials, and management of the project right? So that means that he/she does the same with sewing. With all contractors it’s the same idea, but executed in different ways. You want to make sure you find a contractor that won’t screw you over though, because if you do you’ll end up with poorly sewn material, and at a money loss. It would make you think that you were better off just slowly doing the job yourself.

Swimming Pool Spa Construction Contractor

By administrator On July 27th, 2008

The only thing that you would need to add to a luxury home is a beautiful swimming pool/spa to relax on those stressful days. In that case, you would want to hire a swimming pool spa construction contractor to put together the beautiful pool of your dreams. Contractors are experts at what they do, and a specific contractor for swimming pool and spa construction knows the ins and outs of how to build them. However, because installing either of those things is costly, prepare to spend a lot of money for excellent work. You also need to look around to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth too, you don’t want a contractor to screw up, with you in the sink-hole for money.

Contractor Handymen Help Contractors

By administrator On July 27th, 2008

When you hire a contractor, it helps to know exactly what they’re in charge of, and what they do. Contractors are in charge of essentially the whole project, how it gets done, and the workers that they hire. Contractor handymen help contractors with the entire project from start to finish. When you pay a contractor up front, you also pay for the cost it takes to pay the workers. This is why sometimes contractors don’t really save you too much money unless the job you have for them is really too gigantic or too dangerous for you to do. Otherwise, they are excellent at getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

Types of Contractor Equipment

By administrator On July 27th, 2008

If you need to hire a contractor for something, depending on the task you ask of them, their equipment will be completely unique. There are many different types of contractor equipment, there really isn’t any specific tool set that they come with. If you need electrical rewiring for example, they’ll probably come with the general tools you would need to deal with circuits. For home remodeling, they’ll come with tools such as wood, hammers, nails, loads of other things that you need for home improvement. Although there is one thing that all contractors need to carry on them, and that is blueprints. They need blueprints of whatever they’re going to remodel or fix before they can go in and decide what to do.