Tackle Bathroom Mold and Mildew Before Starting a Remodel

By administrator On March 2nd, 2009

Mold and mildew is a common problem with bathrooms because bathrooms provide just the right conditions for such growth. Mold and mildew is instantly identifiable because of its colors such as pink, brown, and black. It has a typical musty smell that is mainly because of their excrement and is also noxious. Inhaling too much of it can be harmful. Mold and mildew represent a resilient threat to the structure of your bathroom. It can easily spread from fabric to wood onto sheetrock, paper, in fact on any surface.

Conditions that encourage the growth of mold and mildew include poor circulation of air, low lighting, warm bathrooms, high humidity, and dampness. As you can read, these conditions are related to one another and one gives rise to the other.

To tackle mold and mildew it is important to first contain the humidity. Mold thrives in humid conditions. So check if you can reduce the use of hot water geysers that generate steam and increase humidity. Ensure good air circulation. Install an exhaust fan to drive out stale and humid air. Keep windows open when the bathroom is not in use. You could also consider installing a dehumidifier.

Ensure that the bathroom is well-lit. Mold and mildew find dark corners to get a foothold. Keep the shower and bathtub clean. Body grime and washed soap feed mildew. If you notice mildew use chlorine bleach solution to wash and wipe the area. This should remove the mildew immediately.
Vinegar is a good home remedy as it not only kills mold but also deodorizes the place.

If mold persists then you have a source of moisture that needs to be found. Could it be that you are living in a wet climate and the moisture is oozing in through the walls. In this case, the building construction is the problem. Check if the moisture barriers were properly installed in the walls and the slabs. If the moisture barriers have not been installed then you should remove the siding and install a moisture barrier such as aluminum foil, sheet vinyl or even felt paper.

If the spread of mold is limited to a certain area then you have a leak of some kind, like maybe a water tank on the other side of the wall, a cracked pipe, or cracks in that portion of the wall. You should look for plumbing leaks or if there is a leak that can be traced to your attic.

Considerations for Bathroom Tile Installation

By administrator On February 24th, 2009

Installing bathroom tiles is not at all a difficult job. In fact tiling a bathroom is probably the one activity that a novice DIY guy can do without any previous experience. However, there are certain things that you must be aware of.

If you overlook buying waterproof adhesive, you are asking for trouble. Without waterproof adhesives sooner or later water in some form or the other will seep in and loosen the tiles. Buy at least 15% more tiles than you think you may need. It’s an additional cost, no doubt but you need to factor in breakages, chipped tiles, cracked tiles, tiles that are difficult to cut to size, etc. You can always keep the extra tiles as spare and use them as and when necessary or strike a deal with the retailer that you will be returning the unused tiles.

The tiles can be laid either on the existing tiles or on the ground. In either case, a clean, dry and flat surface is key to ensure that the tiles stay flat and horizontal. If the floor has any cracks or holes then fill these up with cement otherwise these will lead to uneven distribution of the adhesive. Use plumb gauges, spirit levels, and battens to see that the tiles are laid in a straight line or whatever pattern decided by you. The adhesive shrinks as it dries and hence any unevenness in the spreading of the adhesive will crack the tiles later on. You may want to try self-adhesive tiles but if you find that you have not aligned them properly you will have to remove the tile and rearrange it before the adhesive dries.

Spread the adhesive only on the area you can cover in a limited time; spreading it over one square meter is a good idea. If you spread it over a larger area, the adhesive will dry before you can tile the floor. Start the tiling process from the center and move outwards; this will give you a better perspective of what you are doing so you can use the full and half tiles in a judicious manner.

Grout the tiles only after the adhesive has set and use inorganic grout that will not invite a bacterial attack. Grouting is an important step in laying tiles. The grout should neatly fill the gap between tiles and should be spread evenly. Also the grout should be of the color of the tiles so that you get a harmonious effect.

Replace / Remodel Bathroom Cabinets

By administrator On January 28th, 2009

When remodeling your bathroom there are two things you can do – replace your old cabinets with new ones or upgrade your existing ones. If your existing bathroom cabinets are structurally sound and they provide with the space that you need then you don’t really have to break the bank doing a bathroom remodel, you can seriously consider the option of refurnishing the bathroom cabinets.

You can start with replacing the cabinet doors; this is something that even Do-It-Yourself remodeling enthusiasts can do. Measure the dimensions of the cabinet that needs upgrading; purchase replacement doors based on those measurements. It is a good idea to purchase finished doors with pre-installed hinges. When you remove the old doors you may wish to add putty to certain areas of the cabinet where there are cracks or holes and sand the surface to rejuvenate it.

Remember to sand in the direction of the grain. You can add varnish or paint it; but remember to maintain consistency with the look of the cabinet doors. Adjust and screw the hinges to fit the cabinet and you’re done.

When you decide to do a DIY remodel remember to install the corner cabinets first; this will give you a perspective of the space. If there is any electrical wiring or plumbing to be done, it can be done after you have installed the cabinets; however install flooring before you start the cabinet work. You may save time by labeling parts that arrive unassembled from the manufacturer. If the wall on which you intend to place the cabinets has an uneven surface or some bumps, you need to smoothen the surface first. Fasten cabinets meant for carrying heavier stuff to the wall studs. Use more than two screws that can go inside the wall studs by at least two inches.

Wall studs hidden behind the walls are usually spaced 16” or 24” apart so in order to locate these measure 16” from the corner and then tap the area, the sound should tell you if there is a wall stud behind the wall. Or you can buy a device called a stud finder which emits a beep when it passes by a stud behind the wall. If you have plan and elevation maps of your house, use them to locate wires, plumbing, and other obstructions that may come in the way of installing cabinets in your bathroom.

Features of a Good Bathroom Remodel

By administrator On January 13th, 2009

A bathroom remodel or redesign has a lot more to it than just adding expensive fixtures. A bathroom remodel is often a very expensive proposition and therefore requires careful consideration. It’s expensive to remodel a bathroom because the bathroom is often not a very visible part of the house and therefore neglected for years. You can split the remodel into what you can do yourself and what needs to be given to the contractor. Changing a plumbing system or moving a load bearing wall can be expensive and need to be planned out in advance. A bathroom remodel these days often takes a bathroom from being a utilitarian space into being a place where you can relax and unwind in luxury.

If you keep in mind the following points when going in for a bathroom remodel you will certainly raise the profile of your bathroom and increase the resale value of your house. If your bathroom is a little cramped you should consider softer color schemes on the walls, remove shelves and accessories that appear to come in the way, install seamless glass doors that add to the illusion of space, structure lighting – both artificial and natural to give an impression of spaciousness.

The reason why a remodeled bathroom adds to the resale value of a house is because of the luxuries that it can contain. These include a bath tub, a fancy vanity, elegant bathroom mirrors, shower, etc. Use materials that are easy to clean and maintain because cleaning the bathroom is a chore that most people would rather avoid. Check out mold- and stain-resistant materials.

A good bathroom remodel need not be an expensive affair if you are handy with tools and have an idea of what you need to do. A good paint job can spruce up the bathroom nicely and its something that most of us can do. Install a mirror that goes with the look and decor of your bathroom and it will do a lot to improve the mood and also add to the illumination in the space. If adding a bathroom sink or vanity is too much of a chore then you may want to consider the addition of a faucet. There are many contemporary faucet designs and models available and you will surely find one that goes with your bathroom’s interior design. Select a faucet that does not require additional work on your countertop.

A little research online will also go a long way in helping you come up with a good bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Build Like Pro Remodeling

By administrator On June 27th, 2008

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Shower Remodeling

By administrator On June 27th, 2008

Over time showers get worn out and start getting mold place all around the edges and nobody likes to have that type of shower mold while you’re getting a shower.
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Bathroom Remodeling Philadelphia

By administrator On June 24th, 2008

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Bathroom Remodeling Photo

By administrator On June 24th, 2008

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Need a good idea for remodeling a small bathroom?

By administrator On June 22nd, 2008

Many people run out of ideas when it comes to remodeling small bathrooms but this kind of remodeling is easy and does offer many options. Look into replacing the medicine cabinet and or window blinds because this will give the room more character and is not very costly. Also consider replacing the shower head or faucet if you see that it is not working well. These kind of quick fixes are best because they won’t hurt your wallet and will make your bathroom a nicer a place to be in when you wake up in the morning.

Bathroom Remodeling Chicago

By administrator On June 22nd, 2008

Remodeling your bathroom in Chicago is a bit of a challenge but can be done if you follow the steps provided in this article. You should create a list of things to do when remodeling your bathroom or any other room for that matter. Look at the shower and sink to see if they are working properly and if you spot something is out of order have it replaced right away. You also might want to consider repainting the entire bathroom and getting your floor replaced. Another important thing to look at is the heating; make sure your heating system is working because no one likes to come of the shower in the middle of the winter and come to find that the heating is not working. As long as you do everything carefully remodeling your bathroom in Chicago should be easy as 1 2 3.