Basic Basement Remodel Considerations

By administrator On January 14th, 2009

If there is one area in your house that you can remodel to reflect your personality in the truest sense, it’s the basement; maybe even your garage. The basement can be maximum fun to remodel once you have an idea or a theme in mind. Whether a family man or a teen or a dad of a teen, the basement is your den where you can loll on the sofa and listen to your kind of music, read your kind of stuff without having to worry about the neighboring aunt blundering into your private space.

A basement remodel is affordable and gives you additional living space. The prime considerations here are ensuring that the area is dry and that there is no leakage. Dampness must be avoided and places from where moisture seeps in should be sealed, usually moisture creeps in from the floor or the crawl spaces.If the moisture problem is a minor one, a simple water-lock paint job can take care of it. If there is a gutter on the floor that empties into a drain then you can raise the flooring by adding a sub-flooring. Eliminating moisture is also important from the point of view of adding electrical wiring.

Do not neglect leaks in the foundation walls as these can spread and sap the strength of the walls – besides you never know when a leak may turn into a small flood. These are but some small challenges that you will face when trying to turn the basement into a space habitable for humans. You can do more with your basement if you live in parts of the USA where most homes have basements, this is because remodeling contractors in such places know all about converting basements into rooms of your choice, be they bedrooms, media rooms, dens, or just additional living space.

You may or may not wish to add walls – walls in the basement offer no structural value but are useful as space for adding racks and receptacles on to, they also help in temperature control. Walls also add to the aesthetic appeal of a basement. If you do not wish to add walls to your basement, you can opt for steel studs as these are moisture resistant and can be used for holding electrical wires.

Basements usually stay cool in summer because they are located below the ground and if your home furnace is located in the basement then winter chills are also taken care of. You can use electrical baseboard heaters to provide heat if you do not have a furnace arrangement.

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