Remodeling a House To Sell It

By administrator On January 15th, 2009

A home remodel is a major financial decision that requires careful consideration. If your remodel is for the express purpose of selling the house then you need to think from the perspective of the prospective buyer. Remodel – not because you’re going to spend a great length of time in that house, but do so because you are going to move out and you want the remodel to add to the sales value.

Consider the length of time you plan to stay in a house before you decide to put money into any major repairs. If your length of stay is not substantial then you have to consider the renovations from the point of view of resale and the value that it will yield.

From the resale perspective, you have to ensure that the house has curb appeal. It should look good from a distance, if it does not look good from far you will not be able to get visitors to come in to check what’s inside. Landscaping, a paint job and a spruced up front entrance help in making the exterior look good.

Check how your house compares with neighboring homes; if all homes in the vicinity are double storied and you plan to put up a single storied home for sale then you are starting off at a disadvantage. You should consider a remodel that puts you on par with the other homes in the locality.

Remodel your house such that you have some distinctive features to talk about. Sometimes buyers have an emotional attachment to houses with basements, so if you have a basement then remodel it to make it fit for human habitation. A fireplace, a spiral staircase, a study area etc are ideas that can add appeal to your remodel that is specific to selling the place. Consult real estate agents to get ideas on what buyers are most likely to look for and see if you can add those elements to your house. However, you will need to strike a balance between adding distinctiveness and demand. Do not go in for outlandish remodels that are not likely to find favor with buyers.

As a house owner you should be aware of what requires a major renovation job, what needs a minor touch up and what aspects are best left alone. This will help you apportion money accordingly and come up with a remodel best suited to convert a prospect into a buyer.

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