Home Improvement Costs For Bostonians

By administrator On January 26th, 2009

Like with every city in the US, Boston, the cradle of liberty and the site of the Boston Tea party has its own trends when it comes to home remodeling. Given below are some of the key home remodeling ideas current in Boston – the ones that can get you the maximum bang for your buck.

A kitchen remodel means working on a room that is central to keeping the family together. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding upon remodeling themes for the kitchen. In Boston, an average kitchen remodel would cost around $30,000 and a minor remodel will set you back by $12,000 which is lower than the national average for minor remodels, it stands at a little less than $19,000. However, a major remodel that covers architectural designs and major interior refurbishment, the costs can touch $60,000.

Along with kitchens, bathrooms are the best place to put your remodeling money into, particularly if you are looking at it from a resale point of view. In Boston, the average cost of a bathroom remodel is around $15,000. The extent of remodel and materials used can jack the price of a bathroom remodel to $44,000.

For the past couple of seasons, one remodel that has yielded maximum benefits for Bostonians is basement remodeling. And for Red Sox fans, a basement with a home theater system could be just the thing to make their days. There is a lot of creativity that can go into a basement remodel and such high-end creativity can set you back by $50,000 in Boston. A basement remodel is like an extra room addition with valuable square feet added, there is a lot you can do with your basement if you are willing to spend $50,000 on it.

One remodel that is more an issue of requirement than choice is roofing. If the tiles and shingles are missing or the concrete has developed cracks, you have no option but to go in for repairs. Roof repairs left unchecked can lead to escalating costs. Instead act in a timely manner can good for new asphalt roofing which for Bostonians will cost well under $9,000 and the project will take no more than two days.

A cool tip to remember is that go in for the remodeling when rates are at their lowest, i.e. in the winters season when business for the remodelers is down. Don’t wait till Spring, coz that’s when the costs begin to climb again.

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