Replace / Remodel Bathroom Cabinets

By administrator On January 28th, 2009

When remodeling your bathroom there are two things you can do – replace your old cabinets with new ones or upgrade your existing ones. If your existing bathroom cabinets are structurally sound and they provide with the space that you need then you don’t really have to break the bank doing a bathroom remodel, you can seriously consider the option of refurnishing the bathroom cabinets.

You can start with replacing the cabinet doors; this is something that even Do-It-Yourself remodeling enthusiasts can do. Measure the dimensions of the cabinet that needs upgrading; purchase replacement doors based on those measurements. It is a good idea to purchase finished doors with pre-installed hinges. When you remove the old doors you may wish to add putty to certain areas of the cabinet where there are cracks or holes and sand the surface to rejuvenate it.

Remember to sand in the direction of the grain. You can add varnish or paint it; but remember to maintain consistency with the look of the cabinet doors. Adjust and screw the hinges to fit the cabinet and you’re done.

When you decide to do a DIY remodel remember to install the corner cabinets first; this will give you a perspective of the space. If there is any electrical wiring or plumbing to be done, it can be done after you have installed the cabinets; however install flooring before you start the cabinet work. You may save time by labeling parts that arrive unassembled from the manufacturer. If the wall on which you intend to place the cabinets has an uneven surface or some bumps, you need to smoothen the surface first. Fasten cabinets meant for carrying heavier stuff to the wall studs. Use more than two screws that can go inside the wall studs by at least two inches.

Wall studs hidden behind the walls are usually spaced 16” or 24” apart so in order to locate these measure 16” from the corner and then tap the area, the sound should tell you if there is a wall stud behind the wall. Or you can buy a device called a stud finder which emits a beep when it passes by a stud behind the wall. If you have plan and elevation maps of your house, use them to locate wires, plumbing, and other obstructions that may come in the way of installing cabinets in your bathroom.

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