Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget

By administrator On February 2nd, 2009

The kitchen is always a favored remodeling destination and also one that can be quite expensive to remodel. However, there’s plenty that you can do with your kitchen to give it a new spruced up look without dipping into your retirement savings.

Instead of replacing cabinets you can consider refacing or refinishing them. Both options are far more inexpensive than going in for cabinet replacements. Refinishing can be a little time consuming though as you need to work on removing the old finish and apply a new one. If you wish to purchase cabinets then consider buying them from stores such as Home Depot from where standard sized cabinets can be purchased for relatively low rates.

Consider inexpensive flooring options such as vinyl sheets, tile, and laminate flooring. In fact you can place laminate flooring over the existing flooring eliminating the expenses involved in removing the old flooring. Make sure that the flooring option you select is waterproof. You can actually consider a DIY flooring job.

If your kitchen remodel involves working on the kitchen countertops then you have a choice of ceramic and wood amongst the inexpensive alternatives. Stone and steel can get very expensive.

You may be tempted to create space for appliances such as trash compactors, electric ovens, and big fridges; however remember that these appliances consume a lot of power and you may have to rework your present wiring to accommodate the new appliances. Electrical work can constitute one-fourth the cost of a kitchen remodel, so give careful consideration to this fact.

If budget is an issue, then try not to shift objects from their existing locations. Uprooting the sink from one place and adding a new one requires plumbing work which will not only add to the budget but also prolong the remodeling time.

If you plan on executing some of the remodeling activities yourself, remember to factor in the expertise required, the cost of materials, and time required. Each of these constitutes a cost and if you go wrong anywhere the effort might end up counterproductive to the whole idea of saving on a kitchen remodel. So, if the remodel is going to take 10 days and for some reason you overshoot the time limit, there’s a cost attached to it.

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