Do-It-Yourself Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

By administrator On February 3rd, 2009

There is no dearth of men who fancy themselves as Do-It-Yourselfers, i.e. till the time they take on a home remodeling project and find out that there’s a big difference between theory and practice. For some DIY enthusiasts, the very reasons that they decide against calling a specialist to do the job seem to turn against them. Basically if you are not careful then you will find that there is a price to be paid in both time and money, not to mention an unsatisfactory remodeling job.

So here are some mistakes that DIY remodeling enthusiasts should avoid –

Most DIY guys cannot be bothered with taking out a permit, well if you don’t and the building department people find out, you’re in for a fine, not to mention that you may have to tear the whole thing down and start again. Besides it helps to take out a permit. A permit is necessary proof in certain home insurance policies before you are granted cover. Without a permit you will not know if the job has been done to building code specifications.

If you start with poor quality tools or inadequate supplies you handicap yourself before you even begin the job. This can get further compounded if you do not have a day-by-day schedule ready that gives you a time-frame to work with and keeps you under pressure to meet deadlines.

If you go wrong with the budgeting, it can have an effect on the outcome of the remodel if you end up facing a cash crunch. To avoid such a situation prepare an exhaustive list of all the items that you will require in the remodeling, total the costs and add around 30% to it. A good idea would be to try and purchase things together in order to avail bulk discounts. Also, you have to factor in for the unexpected, such as a ladder breaking or if you tear a wall and find that the wiring needs to be redone.

Often DIY champs pick up jobs that they are good enough to commence but they do not have it in them to finish it. For example, if you are afraid of heights leave the retiling of the roofs to an expert. Similarly if you cannot gauge how level a wall is then let a professional take care of installing the cabinets.

Whatever be the project that you pick up, remember to practice safety. Wear goggles, follow electric safety rules, and tread carefully on roofs and ladders.

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