Remodeling Thoughts for These Times of Recession

By administrator On February 4th, 2009

Putting money into an activity such as a remodel will probably be the last thought on the minds of homeowners and in these times of uncertain economic conditions most people would not want to fix it if its not broken; however think for a moment, wouldn’t it be nice to catch the repairs while still minor rather than let things escalate and then shell out much larger amounts for them.

Also, if you are getting a good price or for some reason you are constrained to sell your house then there are some remodels that you can perform to improve the functionality, presentability, and value of your house.

Sidings should be on the top of your list; sidings are the barrier that protects the rest of the infrastructure in your house. For example, bad or worn out siding can cause damage to your electrical wiring leading to escalated remodeling costs. You may wish to upgrade from vinyl, wood, or aluminum siding to fiber cement siding as this is the one that yields maximum returns during a sale.
Bathroom remodels always pay back – while you’re using them as well as when you decide to put your house up for sale. Pipes that leak, floors that do not dry fast, water not heating fast enough, cabinets looking tawdry, showers that don’t work – bathrooms are usually in need of some remodeling or the other and an average remodel costs around $10,000.

Flooring enhancements pay off in style. In fact if you choose to go for hardwood flooring, it may come as a short-term expense but you will be at ease knowing that the flooring will not require replacement for another 100 years. All it will take is a little care on your part. This is a remodeling investment to beat all remodeling investments.

You may wish to consider getting an inspection of your house done before you undertake any remodels as this will let you know about the areas that require greater attention. Of course you will not have a choice if the inspector comes up with something that requires immediate attention; you will just have to do it.

Minor kitchen upgrades are also a good thing to consider, cabinet refacing or refinishing, some DIY activities such as tiling, changing the faucets, etc can be done. You can work the roof to ensure that any blown away tiles are replaced.

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