Kitchen Cabinets 101

By administrator On February 26th, 2009

If you are planning an extensive kitchen remodel and wish to replace the old cabinets; you must know that the cabinets can cost up to 40% of the total cost of renovation. The size, quality, and styling of the cabinets influence the final cost.

Having a budget in mind for the kitchen cabinets is the first step of the decision making process. The budget of course depends upon size and style considerations. This information will help you acquire estimates that are fair indicators of the actual price.

You have a choice between stock, semi-stock, and custom cabinets. Stock cabinets are the least expensive of the lot but do not offer a lot of choice in terms of style and wood type. Custom cabinets are an expensive option in which you have freedom of style and material type. Custom cabinets can be constructed on-site in front of your eyes.

You should consider semi-custom and custom cabinets if you are looking for options for storage. With these you get pullout shelves, wine rack, drawers, pull-out bins, and much more. The cabinets should be solidly built and the frames should be strong with reinforced corners and closed backs. Since the drawers will be opened and closed many times in a day, the hinges and ball bearing should be of good quality.

You may wish to go for a totally radical look and opt for metal kitchen cabinets. Stainless steel cabinets are elegant and classy, not to mention extremely durable. Metal cabinets give a feel of smoothness and luxury. Metal cabinets are extremely low maintenance as compared to wooden cabinets. Metal does not rot or warp with wetness. It also minimizes fire-hazard risks. These cabinets are resistant for scratches, burns, and stains. Metal cabinets do not require extensive chemical treatment and hence are safe for people who are allergic to varnishes, primers, and finishes used with wood cabinets.

Metal cabinets are available in two popular colors – black and chrome. These cabinets are cheaper than wooden cabinets. Metal cabinets are available as free-standing as well as mountable units. You can choose from a wide range of models and designs. In fact you can purchase modular kitchen counter-top and cabinet combinations that are easy to install and use.

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