Different Types of Stone Flooring Options

By administrator On February 27th, 2009

Stone is an all-time favorite option along with wood. It has been used as a flooring option ever since man moved out from the caves and into man-made dwellings. There are many stone-flooring options available to us. Stone flooring can basically be divided into natural and faux flooring. Stone is available in a number of textures, these include –

Honed – This is not a very glossy finish and is used for places with high traffic. Honed tiles are usually used for porous stones. They have a dull appearance.

Polished – A polished texture is used more for low-traffic areas as the glossy finish is hard to maintain in places where there are too many footfalls. Also the polished surface can become slippery when it gets wet.

Flamed – A flamed surface is created when tiles are subjected to extreme heat. It is a unique surface that is porous and slip resistant.

Tumbled – A tumbled texture has a weathered look and feel to it. The stones are actually tumbled around to achieve a rough texture. This texture is common with marble and granite.

Sand blasted – Sand blasted stone tiles have a textured surface. Sandblasted tiles sometimes carry images and designs.

Here’s a look at popular stone flooring options –

Sandstone – Sandstone is available in a range of colors and finish options. It is a durable stone that is good for places with medium traffic. Sandstone can be used for flooring in large slabs or small tiles. Sandstone tiles should be resealed every four to five years.

Limestone – Limestone is a traditional stone flooring option and gives a real rustic feel to the house. However, it is not as durable as granite or sandstone. It can scratch easily. Limestone is cheaper than sandstone and granite.

Slate – Slate tiles offer a firm and a durable flooring option. It is a smooth stone and impervious to liquids. It is available in a wide range of natural colors.

Granite – This is the hardest stone available and can offer several textured finishes including matte and polished.

Marble – Marble is a hard, smooth, and cold stone. It is elegant and scratch resistant. It does not hold well in areas with heavy traffic and is also an expensive flooring option.

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