Add Space to Your Bathroom without Breaking down the Walls

By administrator On March 4th, 2009

A small bathroom can be made to look big without having to resort to any structural changes. All you need to do is to be creative. Think in terms of increasing the illusion of space and utilizing the existing space in a better manner. If the ceiling is low, consider placing moldings or tiles at the junction of the walls and the ceiling. Vertical stripes create the illusion of a taller wall. Similarly tiles or wallpaper with horizontal lines will give an impression of width space-wise.

Neutral shades and light tone create spaciousness. Consider colors such as white, off-white, yellow, etc. A neat trick is to blend cabinets and counters into the walls by painting them the same light shade as the wall color. When the cabinets and woodwork does not stand out, it appears to be less obstructive. In case you feel the need to add some color, use accessories and linen in bright shades.

Floor space is increased if you have wall-mounted cabinetry. The impression of floor-space is enhanced if it continues uninterrupted. Use cabinets and fixtures of the right size; do not use cabinets that take extra space. A pedestal sink takes less space. There are fixtures available for bathrooms of all sizes; look up the ones for a bathroom of your size.

Remove extra fittings; if you do not use a shower, remove it. If you use a shower primarily and not the bathtub so much then the bathtub is simply taking space.

When considering vanities, you may wish to purchase one that is tall and has a mirror and a good number of drawers. Use corners to build niches to carry various knick-knacks such as toothbrushes, perfumes, deodorants, etc. When natural light enters any space, it enhances the feeling of spaciousness. Place your windows such that sufficient natural light can stream in.

Use mirrors strategically so that light can bounce off their surface and create a feel of roominess. A neat trick is to have two mirrors at right angles. These mirrors will create the illusion of a never-ending room for you.

Remember, creativity is the key. You can have a spacious and well-lit bathroom without having to break down the walls or carry out any drastic remodeling.

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