Superb Built-In Construction Ideas to Save Space

By administrator On March 5th, 2009

Let’s face it. Space is at a premium, land has a lot of value. A great way to make maximum use of your available space is to have cleverly designed built-ins that save space and look cool. Some built-ins will use available dead spaces and some may require forethought so they can be added to the architecture at the time of construction.

A shelf or rack under the staircase is an all-time favorite. It’s a great place to store all kinds of knick-knacks such as books, games, shoes, odd stuff of all kind. A floor and supporting wall is already present. All you need to do is to add shelves and if you like then you can add drawers. Another great use for the space under the stairs is to use it as a wine cellar.

A recessed alcove can function as a great study for both adults and kids. It will save space. A good example of an alcove would be the space between a closet and the bathroom. House construction leads to the development of natural alcoves and these can be used for a simple desk and chair arrangement.

Behind-the-door cabinets are ideal for storing food and beverages. They are discreet and practically hidden from sight.

A big advantage of built-ins is that they can be customized to your requirements of space and design. This is one neat advantage of built-ins over store-brought furniture. Floor-to-ceiling shelving built-in behind a door or into the wall is another example of what you can do to eliminate cabinets that cover expensive retail area on the floor.

You need to take a look around your house to find out areas which you feel are best suited for built-ins. For instance, the area under a balcony or windows is just lying there waiting to be used to hold a lot of stuff. An under-window cabinet is something that can be added to all homes. You may have to remove your baseboards and crown molding so that the built-in fits nicely with the wall.

Built-ins also serve the function of segregating spaces and creating intimate zones in otherwise big rooms. Built-ins offer coziness and an opportunity to conceal structural members.

A fireplace is perhaps the most natural use of a built-in space.

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