Home Remodel Primer – Part One

By administrator On March 23rd, 2009

A home remodel is essentially a 5-step process. Here in this series of articles we shall take you through the entire process so that at the end of it you will know exactly how to take your home remodeling project forward.

The first step is to know if you indeed wish to get into home remodeling or would you rather sell the house and move into a new one. You may wish to go in for a remodel even if you’re planning on selling the house. A remodeled house can often recoup the cost of remodeling and add to your net profit from the sale of a home.

If you decide to remodel then you need to know what to remodel and have an idea of the costs involved. The extent of your home remodeling is limited by the budget in hand therefore the ideas that you come up with will have to strike a balance between your remodeling requirements and cost.

Another factor that influences the cost element is the specifications of the remodel; only when you get down to the specifics will you get an idea of what the actual costs will be. Materials, processes, time required, scale of the remodel, etc all need to be considered. These factors are decided by the functionality and esthetics that you wish to achieve from the remodel. If you wish to sell the home then there may be a certain minimum standard that you may have to meet before you can put it up for sale.

Once you have an idea of the remodel to a certain level of detail you need to see if you have the finances for it or will you have to look outwards for a loan. If you decide to take a loan then you have to shop for the best possible rates and see to it that you qualify for them. You can compare rates online and research on the best options available to you.

The last step is to look for a contractor that will take you through the entire process of remodeling. You can decide upon the aspects of remodeling that you wish to tackle yourself as DIY projects. The contractor you select should be one that has good references, a solid reputation, is patient, has a clear understanding with you on the scope of the project, and delivers on time.

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