Home Improvement Home Truths – part one

By administrator On May 1st, 2009

It’s a known home improvement home truth that two important factors for the success of a home remodeling project are having the finances ready and finding the right contractor to do the job for you within your budget.

The success of your home improvement project depends upon the competency of your contractor. The reason why you need to be very careful in initiating a home improvement project is because your home is a very important financial asset for you. The first thing in screening contractors is to get references. Ask your references about the value the contractors will give you for the money spent. Will they subcontract the work? Will they help you get the necessary permits? Will they stay on the job till the end? Are they offering discounts? The more prepared you are with the questions, the better are your chances of getting a good job done.

Get estimates in writing, compare them; ask questions about the variations in price. A lowest bid may be attractive but does it give you the kind of service you want or will it leave you in the lurch. Does the contractor cover injury expenses to his workers while on job? Be open to work with more than one home improvement professional and contractor. This depends upon the scale and nature of your remodeling project. A general contractor is a guy who will work on all aspects of your remodeling. He will look after the hiring and supervising of subcontractors, get the inspections done and obtain building permits. General contractors have the necessary skill and experience to co-ordinate with architects and designers.

You may wish to work with specialty contractors to have your cabinets and bath fixtures. If the remodel involves major design and structural changes, you could consider an architect. Designers usually have specific areas of expertise such as kitchens, baths, lawns, etc. If you wish to work with just one firm you should check with design / build contractors that offer a one-stop service from start to finish. Some companies have architects on their staff while others use consultants.

So here you are…some ideas for you to consider when deciding to select a home improvement contractor. In the next piece we discuss how not to get ripped off when going for a home improvement job.

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