Gutter Home Truths

By administrator On May 18th, 2009

As with any aspect of home remodeling and home improvement; there’s a lot of information available on gutters. There are different types of gutters made of different materials costing different amounts suitable for roofing of different types. Gutters may not appear very appealing but their functionality and usefulness is undisputed.

Gutters divert rainwater away from a house and its components. Gutters protect the walls, foundations, siding, and electrical wiring of a house. A roof without gutters can cause serious structural damage to a house in the rainy season. Most superstores sell easy-to-install vinyl and plastic gutters. However these gutters require to be installed with the correct pitch. Also they are not the best equipped to manage heavy rains that call for speedy drainage.

It’s a good idea to confer with neighbors with houses like your own so that you can find out if they are satisfied with the gutters they are using. Installing gutters is an investment and you want to get the best out of your investment.

Wood gutters – These gutters are almost gone from the market – used only in restoration work. They are also on the expensive side of the price spectrum, costing as much as $20/linear foot.

Aluminum gutters are cheap and can hold a greater volume of water. If considering these gutters ensure that you choose thick aluminum. Recycled aluminum may cost less but the gauge is thin and this may make it lose shape when a ladder presses against it or when it battered by rains. It can dent easily.

Vinyl and plastic gutters are ideal for Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts. They are easy to install but can crack when winters are harsh. They also require regular maintenance or they start leaking at the seams. You don’t require any great skills or special tools to install plastic gutters. With a ladder, hacksaw, drill, screws, and tape measure you will be able to install plastic gutters on a roof. See if you can direct the water from the gutters at a point which has a natural slope; this will prevent soil erosion. The edge of the roof should fall over the middle of the gutter so that it is easy to catch water from the gutter. Vinyl gutters are available in 10-foot sections so you need to first be aware of the total roof area that needs a gutter.

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