Living Considerations for Small Houses

By administrator On May 25th, 2009

The real estate situation in the US today is not like the old times; price pressures mean that home sizes are growing smaller by the day. High interest rates mean that you cannot really hope to invest in big homes that require maintenance, may also require a lot of time and effort for remodeling, if you ever decide on it. Now-a-days families are considering compact houses and even mobile homes that range from 500 sq feet to 1200 sq feet.

Those that live in small homes and those aspiring to move into compact housing know that the key to successful living in small houses is organization. Developing a small residential space should be such that there are designated areas for activities; all the stuff should not happen at the same place. You have to learn to store and keep only the stuff that you need; you cannot afford to live in an unorganized manner in a constrained living space. Closets and cabinets should be built such that they make best use of the wall-space. Not only the wall-space, you also need to manage the floor space such that the room does not get unnecessarily cluttered. Those living in confined spaces need to respect one another’s personal area. Another idea is to purchase multipurpose items so that they can save on space. House decoration should be kept simple so that you get a balance between esthetics and livability.

A little research on the Internet will show you how to make the best use of every inch of living space available to you. This will help you in distinguishing a poorly designed home from a well-designed one. Privacy and ease of use are key features. Even something like grills on the windows can be used for storage. Large windows give the impression of roominess.

When developing a house, avoid extra-wide doors, deep closets, and anything that could take away from the appearance of the house. Since privacy is often a consideration with small dwellings, you could consider using sound-absorbent material for the partitions. A cardinal rule for small spaces is that traffic should flow from the corners of the room and not the center. Place glass on south side to catch the winter sun and ensure energy efficiency.

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