Remodel Planning for a Small House

By administrator On May 25th, 2009

A small well-planned kitchen is often preferable to a large one in which stuff is scattered and the workstations are far from one another. Kitchens need special attention because they need more money to develop. You can use creativity, for example use the soffits above the cabinets can be used for storage of items not used often. If space is a constraint, you need to adjust. You can add laundry equipment to the kitchen area and even a shower in one corner to save on bathroom space. Just a thought, it may work for some. It can actually help lower plumbing intricacy and costs.

A separate dining room may no longer be feasible for most families. You should try and incorporate dining space into the living area or the kitchen; maybe a folding table can do the job for a family of three. Or you can have a dining room double up as a guest room or childrens’ study.

Furniture arrangement is an important factor in allotting space in a room and also to regulate the traffic direction and flow. The living room should be such that adults and children can have their own space at the same time.

If you make good use of the walls for storage, you can save on space that would otherwise be used for dressers and storage units. This can give you space for slightly larger beds or more aisle way for movement. Keep in mind that if you think from a perspective of being tidy and uncluttered, it will help you in designing a home for small spaces.

When remodeling a small house, you should be aware of those remodels that can help raise resale costs. You can save money by doing some remodeling yourself. See what you can do to make the space appear roomier, lighting is one way – natural or artificial either will work. Have south-facing windows to get more heat during the winter months. Consider a sliding glass door instead of a wall to increase natural light into a room and also to extend activities outdoors. Whatever changes you make, check if they can cause any problems to the structure, consult an architect.

Bathroom windows can be high up to free wall-space; it adds to privacy and also helps increase the amount of light coming into the room. If you’re installing skylights make sure these are burglar proof. A great way to increase space is to knock down walls but before doing so check if the wall is an essential support wall necessary for structural integrity. You could also remove the flat ceiling to expose the rafters and maybe add an attic.

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