How to Handle Remodeling Contingencies – part one

By administrator On May 28th, 2009

Remodeling can be successful only if you plan; your objective has to be to get as many remodeling activities right the first time round itself; doing anything again means additional cost. Read from as many good resources as you can, this article offers valuable guidance on what you need to do so that you can meet your remodeling challenges head on without much fuss and fluster.

The first thing is to have a floor plan ready wherein you detail the work to be done; the furniture to be moved, etc. And while you’re having time before work begins you can utilize it to get rid of unwanted stuff from the cabinets. Prepare cardboard boxes and containers for storing stuff that will be used again. Label the containers; do these things as it will help you with moving material around the house and also rearrange the tings once the remodeling is complete.

Plan what you want to do with stuff that you have discarded, you can hold a garage sale or donate it to charity; get it out of your house fast so that you have space for the new things and room to move about. For some of the old appliances you could check if there is any exchange scheme going on with the appliance dealer. Ask your remodeler if he will take care of the disposal.

You will need to cover doors, windows, and walls with plastic sheeting to protect them from dust, grime, and scratches during the remodeling work. Again, some remodelers may include this service in their job and some will expect you to do it. This is particularly important if people in your family are allergic to dust.

Another useful thought is to prepare cooking space away from the kitchen for the time it will be under remodeling work. You could also start gathering coupons and look up deals in your favorite restaurants so that you can save on the eating out expenditure. For cooking at home, keep paper plates handy, it’s a good idea to microwave stuff as it is fast and easy. Maybe you could do some grilling in the backyard – have a picnic when you can. Stock on canned ingredients and juices. Do not start dismantling your kitchen unless you are all ready to being remodeling. If you do so and work gets delayed you will needlessly be stuck with a non-functional kitchen for days on end. Even when you do decide to tear a kitchen or any other room down, do it in stages, do not strip all of it in one go.

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