Home Remodeling – How to Manage the Operations

By administrator On June 1st, 2009

You need two things to get a home remodel done – money and good interpersonal skills. Why do you need good interpersonal skills? To get the work done! Yup, unless you’re doing a total DIY job, you need to have good man management skills because you will be interacting with a host of people including the contractor, sub-contractor, workers, building inspectors, etc.

If you and the building contractor have a clear understanding of the expectations of the remodeling job then you will begin the job on the right note. You really want to avoid surprises as these can lead to an escalation in the budget and time required for doing the job.

A proper remodeling specification plan should be the blueprint for reference. It should include the work to be done. Design specifications are key. You can download specification sheets from the net. Specifications will be for the areas of the house that you need to remodel.

First, the building specification plan should list the size of each room and also the type. Mention the layout, the plumbing, electrical wiring, flooring, door and window types and placement, and also the brand and make of appliances and materials used.

The spec sheet should mention the type and style of your house – it could be a Tudor-style house or a bungalow inspired by French architecture. Mention the number of floors. Are you planning to add a basement? What is the height of the ceiling on each floor?

Are you planning to assign new roles to the rooms? Will you shift the kitchen and master bedroom upstairs? If so, then what type of closets are you planning to add to the bedroom – walk-in or standard? Are there any special rooms that you wish to add? Like a breakfast room or a sun room? It is important that you identify rooms that are supposed to be adjacent to one another. This is an important aspect of planning a layout. So a master bedroom and master bathroom are together; the kitchen and dining room are close by, etc. At the same time you have to identify rooms that should not be next to one another – for example kitchen and library, bathroom and living room, etc.

Pay special attention to basement and attic remodeling, if you plan to carry out these. Note if any remodeling that you will do is capable of affecting the structural integrity of your home.

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