Kitchen Countertop Options – part one

By administrator On June 2nd, 2009

The kitchen countertop adds functionality and glamour to your kitchen; there’s a whole range of options available in terms of materials, design, and of course cost. Here’s a lowdown on what’s available in the market for you.

Engineered stone is durable and tough like granite and can take a lot of abuse. But it’s cold and hard like all stone. It gives the natural look of stone but does not ask for the maintenance associated with stone. This type of stone is resistant to heat and stains. It does not scratch and can take a lot of wear. Its cost can range from $60 to $120 for per foot installed.

Natural stone is one of the all-time favorites and has been used since ages. Marble, granite, and limestone are time-honored materials. Natural stone offers a wide variety of options in colors, grains, textures. This type can fit in with all design schemes and hence offers versatility to your remodeling plan. It can set you back by $60 to $120 per square foot installed.

People are going for concrete because it is different and lighter than stone. Also low-end concrete is not very expensive. $60 per square foot is standard rate. Concrete can be embellished with stones, tiles, various designs, and can be painted. Besides concrete does not show any seams; it can be applied smoothly.

Of all man-made alternatives, stainless steel is perhaps the most durable. It does not rust and nor does it discolor. It is very easy to maintain and can take a lot of abuse. Acids, vinegar, coffee, juices, etc will not stain it. Bacteria cannot grow on it. The flip side to stainless steel is that it has a cold and sterile feel; also smudges and surface abrasions will show on it.

Copper too is a metal option but exudes warmth unlike steel. It is non-porous and thus does not attract bacteria. Copper acquires a green patina over time because of oxidation. Like steel, copper will also scratch. Its cost like that of steel ranges between $130 and $200. Customization and your region may add to or reduce the cost.

Ceramic tile is another option that offers a lot of scope for customization because of the size, shape, and color varieties available. The tiles are easy to repair and individual tiles can easily be replaced if damaged. However maintenance can be a problem as the grouting needs regular cleaning or it could foster bacteria. You may also have to buy extra tiles and store them as they may be out of stock later on. Custom layouts and specialty tiles will cost more.

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