Funding Your Home Renovation

By administrator On October 6th, 2009

Home owners that decide to go in for a renovation are often faced with a dilemma regarding the nature and source of funds for their remodeling. The extent of remodel, your present financial condition, and also the cause for remodel play a role in deciding what funding type will best serve your purpose. If it is a small remodeling job, probably the best thing to do is to pay out of your own pocket and not incur a loan with the risk of your credit score being affected if you fail to pay on time.

You can consider a HELOC or a bank loan if you are planning a remodel that will help you sell the house at a profit in the near future. You can pay off the loan amount easily with the money from your house sale.

The advantage of using your own money, whether cash or savings is that you have a ready interest-free reserve of money; the disadvantage of course is that you deplete your savings.

Small renovations can be carried out using your credit card provided you can pay off the amount at the end of the month; this way you avail an interest-free loan. You could also consider a zero-interest loan that has a period of six months to twelve months. The plus of using a credit card is that you can accumulate some major credit card points, you can avail a zero-interest loan for a long period and then it is also possible to move to another zero-interest loan. The downside is that you are faced with a big interest charge if you fail; also you may use more money than you are actually capable of repaying in time.

A home equity loan is an age-old way to finance a home improvement or a remodeling project. The advantage is that these loans have lower interest rates; the drawback is that you deplete your equity in your property. These loans are best availed for particular home remodeling jobs that will add to the value of the home.

A great way to cut costs and save on remodeling expenses is to get friends and family to pitch in and help with the project. Although you will pay for the materials used, you save on labor and the process to will be enjoyable. The only thing you’ve got to be careful about is that you need people who know their way around tools – try and get things done right the first time itself. Time is also a cost that you need to consider.

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